Made by: Carolina Puente and Claudia Navarro

Corporate Accelerators was made for Teclabs — Tec de Monterrey’s Educative Innovation Center.

This document analyzes and shows the step-by-step implementation of a corporate startup accelerator process. This case study will show:

a) The alignment with the existing strategy

b) Requisites

c) Implementation…

Made by: Sara Escamilla

So you’re starting to work as an investor, analyst, or even as an entrepreneur who wants to learn more about the business game. One of the first decisions that you’ll have to face is choosing a database for helping you in your investigations.

Since databases store…

Elias Aguirre

My name is Elías, I´m 19 years old. I´m a young visionary who loves to help others, play music, and impact everyone positively.

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